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A Lamia's and a Devil's love...
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Martyn Popov
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, I am Garo123456 and this is my Deviantart profile(duh).
About me:
My real names are Martyn Georgiev Popov, a 24 year old male from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am a graduated high school student and while it does pay my bills, the proffession I am currently working is not what I want. I am an aspiring artist, who wishes to improve his skills. Someday I wish to move to the USA and live there. My dream is to write books, or direct movies/cartoons or maybe even make video games. I keep in contact with my family, and I had a girlfriend, but we broke up, because I wasn't rich. Religion-wise, I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian. Before you ask, I am a normal(?) heterosexual individual. I can only speak fluent Bulgarian and English, though I show interest in other languages as well. If you want to speak with me, I'll be happy to oblige. However if you ask personal, rude, offensive things, you WILL be blocked! If my comments are too lenghty, either hide them, or check out my journal. All I want is a friendly chat.
I am a deadpan snarker, jerk with a heart of gold kind of guy. I will admit I have a sailor's mouth, so to speak. My interests and personal worldview are varied and complex. I prefer sophisticated and intellectual stuff, but also enjoy the simpler things in life. I respect ALL religions, cultures and ethnicities. As long as a person is a decent member of society, they are fine with me. I do not tolerate outright jerks, criminals, thiefs, rapists, liars and terrorists. As for sexual orientation: homosexuals, bisexuals and asexuals(real and fictional) get a pass. But remember they are supposed to be a minority, and a VERY serious topic for discussion. It's not supposed to be cool, nor a fucking fad for crying out loud! Furthemore, LGBT people can also be abusive and/or criminals, not all of them are innocent! Also my ''sexuality pass'' rule has one loophole: if you like a fictional non-human character I will understand, since I have a few myself. If you draw rule 34, violence, mocking art, etc I will not complain, since I also enjoy these things myself to a degree. However I do have my lines, which I will NEVER cross. I am a little bit anti-social, shy and effeminate(I do housework and cook). Gender issues are a topic I'll try NOT to bring up in a conversation. Like I said as long as they are a decent member of society, I can tolerate ALMOST anyone. I also dislike stereotypes, ESPECIALLY negative and/or false ones. For example, the word ''nerd'' being associated with lifeless, ugly, male basement dwellers. Lastly I am not a communist, but I am not an extreme liberal either; rather something balanced inbetween. After all we need laws and rules in our lifes. Speaking of which:
My rules(read them AND follow them):
1. I admit I'm not perfect. No one is. But don't demonize or deify me!
2. If you're a special snowflake, good for you. Doesn't mean you are above all humankind. In the end we're all equal. Also don't use it to justify being a jerk!
3. I haven't seen all of fiction. Simply because I haven't seen your favourite anime/comic/movie/game/cartoon/whatever doesn't mean it sucks/I hate it! Likewise if you don't see it in my folders. If I hate something, I will say what AND why. Also I can't remember EVERY single little detail, so it's not my fault if I've forgotten to mention something! Especially very old media/fiction.
4. I also admit I am a nostalgia fag. I prefer old things(like 90's and early 2000's kinda old). However keep in mind I DO admit that some new things are good, or at least decent. I also have a ''fetish'' for obscure fiction/media. If anyone makes a picture/journal/whatever about them I would appreciate it.
5. Rabid fantards, SJWs, hypocrites and simular people are NOT welcome here.
6. Truth isn't black and white. For example: very few animes/comics/movies/games/books/cartoons/whatever qualify for so ''bad, it's horrible''. Most are actually a mixed bag. They have ATLEAST one good thing about them, or atleast some potential. Instead of creating a flame war, just have an intelligent conversation with me and explain yourself.
7. I am not very good with computers, programming and the like. If you help me out, I would be very grateful!
8. Don't take my words for granted and/or misquote me. If I have offended you somehow, know that I am sorry and I didn't do it on purpose! I'll try to make amends if possible. If you have an issue with me, send me a comment or something, and if possible I'll be glad to oblige. Example: you dislike profanity and don't want me to use vulgar language.
9. Don't be a troll, jerk, etc. If you come here and mock/annoy/piss me off, YOU WILL GET BANNED! Have a nice day/night!
10. Last, but not least: everyone is free to think whatever they want. If you respect my opinion, I will respect yours. That is all for now.


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hello, if you ever need any help, let me know.
im one of  curtsibling's many friends.

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